In -SU!- [theSkinnery *BOOM* DOUX FoxCity N21 SaNeRea Swallow

[ ..Unforgettable.. ]

Hair: DOUX  - Lucia hairstyle -!New!-
Eyes: -SU!- Darcey Eyes -!Applique Event!- 
Freckles Full body:  [theSkinnery] Sunkissed Freckles (Head&Body Tattoo Appliers) -!Cosmopolitan Event!- 

Top:  4// REVEAL// T-shirt, White -!New... (!Hourglass & Maiterya ONLY!) 
Undies: *BOOM* Anse Lazio Bikini Bottom -!N21 Event!- 

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Punky Ears..
Septum And nose stud piercing: -SU!- Jeweled Piercings Set Gold -!N21 Event!- 
Choker: BLUDSHOT - MING Choker..  -!SaNarea Event!-  (!Opens 26th of june!) 
Bangles : VIBES - TripBangle GOLD  -!SaNarea Event!-  (!Opens 26th of june!) 

Pose: FOXCITY. Masked Bento Poset Set..

Scarlet Creative Atlas Resort Pool..

Happy Shopping Lovies
Nikii ❤

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In -SU!- .random.Matter. Bossie DOUX EMPIRE I<3F Kustom9 PM Swallow

[ .. Passionfruit .. ]

Hair: DOUX - Aphrodite hairstyle -!Tres Chic Venue!- 
Eyes: -SU!- Darcey Eyes -!Applique Event!- 
Lipstick: Bossie. summer lipsticks [catwa] -!Cosmetic Fair!-

Top: [I<3F] Top [05] [Undress me] -!Anybody Event!- 
Heels: #EMPIRE - Lavender..

Ears:^^Swallow^^ Punky Ears.
Earplugs: .random.Matter. - Wonho Set - Earbuds  -!Kustom9 Event!- 

Pose: PM . Athena -!New!- 

Enjoy Lovies 
Nikii ❤

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In -SU- .random.Matter. Addams Evani HAiL ITGIRLS Kunst Kustom9 Mossu Neurilab.Inc

[..Pretty Isn't the Point..]

Body: -Belleza- Freya...

Hair: P A R I S Hair Dark  - By Naomie Dirval   Store Closed :(
Skin: Itgirls..
Eyes: -SU!- Darcey Eyes -!Applique Event!- 

Top: Mossu - Seductive.Top - Hourglass - RARE
Bikini Top: Addams // Cerisse Bohemian Bra // N*8 
Skirt: EVANI - Deanna skirt  -!Kustom9 Event!- 
Undies: [Etchaflesh] Badgirl Panties Innocence..

Shades: .random.Matter. - Wonho Set - Glasses -!Kustom9 Event!- 
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Drop Ear..
Weights: HAIL Dart Ear Weights..
Head piercing: .02 [ kunst ] - Shining star piercing RARE -!Kustom9 Event!- 
Mask: .random.Matter. - Wonho Set - Mask -!Kustom9 Event!- 
Arms Left: [Neurolab Inc.] EV3 Cybernetic Arms+Hands V.1.8 

Pose: Luxe. Heather poses.. 

Scenery: anxiety %vibe...


XoXo Nikii.

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In -SU!- Aii Amala Bossie DOUX DUST BUNNY FoxCity ITGIRLS Kunst Messy OSMIA

[..I got you..]

Hair: DOUX - Sofia Hairstyle -!Recent Release!- 
Skin: Itgirls..
Freckles: Bossie. cute freckles [catwa].
Lashes: + Downward Tintable Lashes (alpha) + {aii} & WarPaint* Poolside Falsies -!Applique Event!-
Eyebrows: + Allure Skin  + {aii}
Eyes: -SU!- Darcey Eyes -! -!Applique Event!- 
Body Scales: ~ Cynefin ~ Body Scales (Shades) 1.1

Bodysuit: \//. Tegan Swimsuit -!Tropical Summer Fair!- 

Veil: + Summer Night Shawl & Butterflies + {aii} -!Kawaii Project!- (Opens 20th June) 
Horns: OSMIA - Black heart - Horns -!Lootbox Gacha Event!- 
Head Jewelry:  [ kunst ] - Shining star piercing RARE -!Kustom9!-
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Drop Ear..
Weights: HAIL Dart Ear Weights..
Face Stars: ::Axix:: Princess Tears Xtra Stars -!We <3 Rp!- 
Choker: OSMIA - Black heart - Choker -!Lootbox Gacha Event!- 
Necklaces: Amala - The Crybaby Necklace..
Rings: MessyMidi Rings..

Pose: FOXCITY. Leaning (Stand) Bento Pose Set -!eBento Event!- 

dust bunny . woodland dreams . penrose treehouse . RARE

Baby I got you
Until you're used to my face
And my mystery fades
I got you

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In Aii Amala Arcade Astralia Bossie DOUX EMPIRE FoxCity Gacha ITGIRLS Moss&Mink

[ .. Do You Mind .. ]

Hair: DOUX - Elhsa Hairstyle -!NEW!-
Skin: Itgirls..
Eyeshadow: Bossie. smokey eyeshadows [catwa] -!Anybody Event!-
Freckles: Bossie. cute freckles [catwa].
Lashes: + Tainted Lady  Lashes + {aii} 

Bikini: #EMPIRE - Summer Time - Bikini 1 -!Arcade Gacha Event!-

Necklaces: Amala - The Daddy's Necklace & Amala - The Crybaby Necklace..
Floatie Arm: #EMPIRE - Summer Time - Floatie -!Arcade Gacha Event!-
Armbands Left : #EMPIRE - Summer Time - Armband 2 -!Arcade Gacha Event!- 
Bracelet Right: Bens Beatuy - Dokata Wach Combin...

Pose: FOXCITY. Pool Bunny.


{moss&mink} Summer of 69 - Pool RARE
{moss&mink} Summer of 69 - Cabana RARE

#EMPIRE - Summer Time - Floating Tire 1
#EMPIRE - Summer Time - Cup Heart..
#EMPIRE - Summer Time - Floatie

Astralia - Pink Dreams dinghy (Animated)

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In Anxiety Bossie CaTwa DOUX EMPIRE FoxCity ITGIRLS Moon Elixir Pseudo PUMEC SaNeRea Shanghai

[..You can't be Pablo if your work ain't sellin..]

Hair: DOUX - Emma hairstyle -!New- 
skin: Itgirls..
Freckles: Bossie. cute freckles [catwa].

Coat: Moon Elixir - Sultry - Fur Coat - Maitreya -!SaNaRae Event!-
Bikini: Pseudo- Yari Swimsuit -!SaNaRae Event!-
Boots: #EMPIRE - Pincushion  -!Uber Event!- 

Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\ #1 -!Gacha @ SaNaRae Event!
Necklace: - shanghai - Salina Black Necklace.. -!SaNaRae Event!-


Background: anxiety %polarize -!COSMOPOLITAN Event!- 

Pose: FOXCITY. Bento Editorial VOL1 -!Limit8sl Event!-

Happy Shopping Lovies..
Nikii ❤❤❤

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In Amala Amitomo Ayashi Bossie CaTwa DOUX EMPIRE La Baguette Maitreya Messy More more S0NG SaNeRea Speakeasy

[ ..I want to be seen With a fresh pair of eyes..]

Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body...

Hair: DOUX - Amamda Hairstyle -!New-
Skin: more more. hare skin. -!SaNaRae Event!-
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Lumi Eyes -!SaNaRae Event!-
Eyeshadow:  Bossie. 
Freckles: Bossie. cute freckles [catwa].
Tatoo: Speakeasy Girl Boss Tattoo..

Romper: *Uniwaii* - Loli-waii (Maitreya) -!SaNaRae Event!-
Boots: #EMPIRE - Ixora -!N21 Event!- 

Bow: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Chiharu bow -!SaNaRae Event!-
Earring: AMITOMO / Girl Like Me GACHA / Tag Earring -!Gacha @SaNaRae Event!
Necklace: Amala - The Crybaby Necklace..
Choker: Messy. Lacey Choker Diamond -!Anybody!-
Bag: 1.Yokai - Sunny day - Fish in a bag RARE -!Gacha @SaNaRae Event!-
Ice Cream: *katat0nik* Creamy Bunny Banana Pop RARE -!Gacha @ SaNaRae Event!-
Rings: Messy. Midi Rings Gold
Nails: ~GD~DoLL Slay(Mani Pack)(NO GEMS)


Background: LEIJIN // Manicured Hedge Wall - Flourished[Materials]
Animals: [La Baguette] Red Pandas -!SaNaRae Event!-

SaNaRae opens tonight at 7PM SLT!

Happy Shopping.. 
Nikii ❤

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In [ Tʜᴇ Vᴇʀɢᴇ ] austalia Bossie CaTwa EMPIRE FoxCity Go*diva La Baguette Messy Muka Slink

[ .. Shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy ya .. ]

Head: Catwa Lona Bento..
Body: Slink Houglass..
Titz: : V : Eclipse - 1500cc Implants..

Hair: .Olive. the Berry Hair -!Rewind. A Throwback Event!- 
Liner: Bossie. classic eyeshadows [catwa]
Freckles: Bossie. cute freckles [catwa]
Lips: Bossie. sugar lipsticks [catwa]  -!Rewind. A Throwback Event!- 

Bikini: Go*DiVa - aYLeN Bikini (Watermelon)
Fishnet Tights: {Nena} Fishnet Tights v1 Appliers...
Boots: #EMPIRE - Euphorbia -!The Secret Hideout Event!- 

Lollipop: CATWA Bento Lollipop...
Choker: Messy. Lacey Choker Bunny -!Anybody Event!-
Fanny pack: [Cosmic Dust] - Trendy Fannypacks - Wild Cheetah.. (Gatcha)  -!Rewind. A Throwback Event!- 
Gloves: [La Baguette] Fishnet Bento Gloves  -!Rewind. A Throwback Event!- 
Bracelet Left: .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet - Rainbow
Bracelet Right: *MUKA* Claire...
Rings: [La Baguette] cute bento rings..  -!The Secret Hideout Event!- 

Scene: Astralia - Vintage backgrounds (Throne of awesome)  (Gatcha)  -!Rewind. A Throwback Event!- 

Pose: FOXCITY. Gsits Vol2-4  -!The Secret Hideout Event!- 

Happy Shopping Lovies 
Nikii ❤

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Slink ** Bossie [whatever] CaTwa [MANDALA] :Modish:: L'Etre [7891.] tSg Amitomo IKON Sn THeSkinShop <-Puncture-> *Milk* .random.Matter. Lolas Phat Azz -SU!- -RYCA- ITGIRLS LittleBones DOUX Messy **RE** Maitreya Kibitz La Baguette EMPIRE Kenvie. MODA SLFashionWeek The BIG Show ~GD~ Glam Affair ILLMATIC PANIK Suicide DollZ Event >.H.C.< BooBies Show Muka Reign .ID. .Identity MONS Speakeasy Buzz Cute Posion DirtyMind Paperbag The Suicide Dollz Angel Rock DirtyStories YummY [BarbZ] Belleza PUMEC Vista [F]oil Blah Dead Apples Egozy Pose maniacs WhoreCouture Chary Corvus SYL Things -UtopiaH- EN:YO Foil Go*diva Just Magnetized PixelGeek SIIX Spellbound The Azz Show *BOOM* Absolut Vendetta Beusy Co57 Pixicat R.icielli [taketomi] [theSkinnery geek. !Lamb .Mes Sucreries. Action Arise BISHES INC BN inc Erratic Gaki Ison SFW Swallow YuMad !(HR3.0)! (epoque.s) .ploom Amala Birdy Clemmm DeeTaleZ Stockholm&Llima CoCo Cute Azz Deesses Skins Eaters Coma Eclat Exile FnH HAiL Half-Deer Letis Tattoo Lolita MG Magika MoDANNA Muschi Pink Acid RO Sabotage Sourires Tattoo Sweet Things T.Whore [ Tʜᴇ Vᴇʀɢᴇ ] [CX] [NikotiN] ieQED monso {Meghindo's} Adored Aii Anybody Event Fab-U-Lous Flite FoxCity INsol InfecteD La Malvada Mujer N-core Pr!cK SaNeRea The Forge VinCue WAYNE Zenith [LeLutka] !!SpoiledLiLBrat!! +Inkhole+ .elle. ::LC:: Azz Breach* CandyDoll DeLa* Dirty Princess Glitzz IAF ICONIC Insanya L U X U R Y Liquence Lovey Dovey MOON PXL Pekka Soiree TWC Uber! Villena booN !PRAISE *Blitzed -SU- .:EMO-tions:. .:LV:. AlterEgo Arcade BabyDoll Bens Bento BlackFair2013 Collabor 88 CutiePie Cynful DRD DeliciouS Eudora 3D Evermore. Fishy Strawberry Glance Skins I<3F Inhale M&M Bodyshop Milk Motion Minimal Moon Elixir Neurilab.Inc Nuuna's O E M OMGacha PM PUNCI Phedora RAMA REDGRAVE Renegade Retro' SEUL SORGO Singer Icon Fair2 Sking Tapi Trap Truth Hair Vaw [ Z U L U ] [LF] [NikotiN [PF] [RA] [[CR]] [elikatira] cannibelle lazybones pinkranger !. R .! #Foxy (R)edMind *League* *MC* *Tentacio* .:SOPHERIAN:. ::GB:: Addams Ahegao Alchemy Amara Beauty Atooly Azoury BORN Bad Unicorn Blueberry CURELESS Cany Mountain Cheeky Chemical Princess Chemistry Cobrahive Color.Me.H.O.F DEALER Epic Fear Us Fiore Flirt Foxes GD Gacha Gang/Gold Goth1c0 Hex Appeal HoneyB's Hucci Indented Just Designs KITJA Kinky Event Kunst Kustom9 LDP LaViere Lavish Lotus Manga Fair Mikoto Mila More more Mstyle N21 NS New Faces Offbeat PUMENS PUNCH Panda Express PinkFuel Plushberry Pomposity PopTart. Pseudo Purple Poses S K I N Sayo Scandalize Siren Soonsiki TETRA Tableau Vivant Tameless Tres Blah TuTys Uber VCO Violetility Whore Couture 2015 Wicked Tattoo Wretch Zoul [Motivaction] [VALE KOER] celoe faun rowne theSkinnery] {*I <3FashiOn*} !ASI !BBD !RT !dM DeviousMind "YX #Queen (FreshFace) (R)edMint (epoque) *MiraiStyle* -Faun- :LP: >Nar< AD ARGRACE Absence Aisling Alice Project Amen Anxiety Apple Fall Ariskea Arte Astralia Autopsy Axix Ayashi B@R BLK2.0 BW Baii Maii Balla Berries Besom BlackFeet Blacklace Blues Bold & Beauty Boss Breath CX CandyFair CapRi Catcha ChaChaDee! Chubby Bunny Chus! CoCo Doll Conviction Crash Republic] Cstar D!va D-Stlye D2k DAPPA DLL DUST BUNNY Damselfly David Heather DeLa Dead Dollz DirtyLand EXxEsS EY:NO Eleganzia Elua Emery Epia Essences Evani Event Exposeur FLI. Muschi Fame. Fame.less Fanatik Faux Frais Fri GLITTERATI Gawk Glamistry Go & See Gos HILU HOMAGE HairOlogy Handmade Hiatus HolliPocket ICLy Katat0nik Kookie Kostum9 Kustom9 The Epiphany L.Fauna LASCIVA LAYOVER LFE LUXE Le Fil Casse Le Forme Lemon Tea Leverocci Lil'Lace LoQ Hair Lucien.Marcelo LuvB L´etre MAAI Mad´ MaiOwn! McMesh Medley Miss Chelsea Moss&Mink Mossu NOCHE Nana Noodles NorthHair Nox O.M.E.N OSMIA Oh.Liv Olive Opium's Addiction P A R I S Pera Pumpkin R A N S O M Razor S0NG SPIRIT Sassy! Scrub SexZ Shanghai Shine Shock Since 1975 Sleepy bozer Slink Hair SongF Stealthic StickyZ T.Bare TC Tee*fy The Arcade The London Look Titzuki Tokyo Tram Twins Fashion Unbothered V String VString Vanity Hair Vein Vendetta Vibes Violent Seduction Vision W&R WCF7 We<3RP Winter Trend XAnSa Ys&Ys Zoom Zulu [AB] [AB]L a u [EY:NO] [Kik] [LX] aperbag austalia m pure Poison rezology the Secret Store yasum {ABC} {Joli}